Wireless Telemetry Module CD04

Wireless telemetry module CD04 with output power of 500 mW, operating in unlicensed ISM band (869 MHz), is used in professional CCTV systems in order to control advanced PTZ cameras and DVRs over distances up to 6 km. It implements bi-directional transmission of telemetry data (half duplex), which is required for most PTZ cameras (e.g. for supporting alarm functions of the cameras and sending command confirmations). The CD04 system is designed to meet all requirements for CCTV applications and modern automation. It can be easily combined with CAM5816h M1558, TCO5807h M1559, and other wireless devices used in CCTV systems.

The module can fully replace a wired link because it does not limit control functions. It is compatible with all types of PTZ cameras and DVRs supporting any control protocol and using RS485 or RS232 interface. Among many protocols the system supports PELCO-D , PELCO-P , LG Multix , D-max , VICON, GANZ, SAMSUNG , COP-2 , Santachi , PANASONIC , Longcomity , HUNDA600 , LILIN , VICON , MOLYNX , KALATEL , VCL , Reserved , ALEC, COP-1 , Ultrak , BOSCH Bi-faza (with additional converter), ARITECH, Sensormatic, Baxal, Dynacolor.


• 10 independent operating channels
• 500 mW output power - adjustable
• Baudrate: 1200 to 9600 bps
• Fluent bidirectional transmission (half duplex)
• Supports any of video transmission system
• Operates within free and stable 869 MHz band
• Fluent, delay-free operation
• Transparent transmission for protocols used
• No line-of-sight required
• Signal retransmission possible
• Outdoor enclosure
• Quick and easy installation

Kit Includes:

• 2-way transmission module with stub antenna (1 pc.)
• Mount for 35-50 mm mast (1 set)
• User manual and compliance declaration


• Two way transmission of RS485, RS232, TTL 5V signals
• Control of PTZ cameras
• Control of DVRs
• Remote control of alarm and fire protection systems

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