Quantec Addressable Call System

Quantec is a powerful yet easy to use call system that helps ensure vital communication throughout a building. In environments where efficiency is paramount, Quantec delivers, helping save staff time, minimising disturbance and improving the quality of patient, customer and/or employee care. Recently updated to include a host of new features, the way the system operates can be tailored to suit a care facility's specific requirements. For example, different day, night and call divert arrangements can be easily accommodated to meet the exact operational needs and precise layout of any building. This flexibility, coupled with many other advanced features such as multiple call levels, free built-in datalogging, simple system reprogramming and full monitoring of all network devices, makes Quantec the obvious choice for nursing homes, hospitals, health centres and many other private and public sector establishments.


Multiple call levels - including Standard, Ensuite, Help Required, Emergency, Attack, Presence & Attendance. Wide range of system components - including programmable call points, ceiling pulls, monitoring points, displays, infrared ceiling receivers, radio receivers, staff attack transmitters and neck pendants (now with User ID), overdoor lights and sounders Flexible call routing - Quantec can be tailored to suit a site’s exact operational requirements, whatever they may be.

  • Call accept - Saves valuable time by preventing more than one member of staff responding to the same call.
  • Automatic call divert - Transfers any unanswered calls to other areas to ensure they are responded to within a pre-determined time.
  • Follow-me lights - Illuminates overdoor lights and corridor lights in sequence to visually guide staff to the source of a call.
  • Staff presence - Helps managers, matrons and carers locate their colleagues by showing where they are working.
  • Staff attendance - Allows staff entering rooms to log their ‘attendance’ via an infrared call point or ceiling receiver.
  • Call follower sounders - Informs staff that other calls are waiting by sounding a soft tone in all occupied rooms (optional).
  • Night mode - Allows Quantec to work in a totally different way at night, providing for fewer staff and reduced sound levels.
  • Infrared staff protection - Quantec’s optional infrared security transmitters can help protect staff against disturbed patients, intruders and aggressive visitors.
  • ‘Surveyor’ data analysis software - Allows managers to output custom reports on longest calls, busiest shifts, most visited rooms, etc., to a desktop PC.
  • Optional paging facilities - Optional alphanumeric and tone-only paging facilities available for carers on the move (DECT telephone capability also available).
  • Device monitoring - Quantec constantly supervises all network devices and informs you of any problems, reducing maintenance time and costs.
  • Laptop programmable system controller - Allows Quantec to adapt to your changing requirements with no expensive rewiring, no mess and no fuss.

Easy to install & expand -Quantec’s ‘two wire’ data transfer system makes it ideal for new and established sites where existing wiring can often be utilised. Universal programming devices - Allows optional third-party switch assemblies to be interfaced to Quantec for optional compliance with HTM 08-03. Tried, trusted & respected - From large NHS trusts to renowned nursing home groups, Quantec is specified by some of the UK’s most prestigious care providers